Contract between the USER and PlaniTour

Contract between the User (User = you) and PlaniTour (PlaniTour = us). Before using the internet page (Website), please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions (Terms & Conditions).


The Website is run by CORPORATE TRAVEL DESIGN S.R.L., CUI 31153039 and Reg. Com. J40/8042/2015 with the address in Voluntari. str. Pipera - Tunari 1/6 And CORPORATE TRAVEL DESIGN SRL, CUI 31153039, Reg. Com. J40/8042/2015, and in Bucharest, Sfintii Apostoli 40 through it's brand PlaniTour. Please note that the entire correspondence regarding the Client Service will be sent to this adress.

Accepting the Terms and Conditions

By using this Website you totally agree with these Terms and Conditions, with no restriction. If you disagree with any of the stated elements, you cannot use this Website. These Terms and Conditions don’t substitute but add to the collaboration contract needed to access the Website. By using this Website, you declare that you read, understood and accepted both the Terms and Conditions and also the provisions of the collaboration contract.

PlaniTour services

PlaniTour offers you an automated service, giving you the possibility to search and check availabilities for diverse travel services and allows you to make the bookings you wish. Booking hotel rooms and selling plane tickets are subject to these general sales Terms and Conditions.

You can choose from several services offered on the Website like booking in real time hotel rooms or plane tickets.

PlaniTour acts as an agent for third party suppliers like: airlines, hotels, rent-a-car companies etc. (Travel Service Suppliers)

Information published on the Website

Through the Website, PlaniTour offers you general information. Please note that the information published on the Website can be altered at any moment. You must check at the embassy or the national authority the validity of any information.

PlaniTour does not guarantee the necessary arangements regarding travel documents (passports, visas, vaccines etc.) and neither that the information on the Website are updated. Therefore, it is the User’s responsibility to make sure that he will deal with obtaining the travel documents.

PlaniTour does not guarantee that the information published on the Website (including, but not limited to rates, descriptions or data) is without errors or omissions, dar as soon as these issues are identified, we will make all the efforts to remedy any error, as soon as possible.

The language used to supply information

PlaniTour makes all the efforts for the publishing in Romanian of all the information regarding the services offered and the conditions applied to a certain service. Due to the fact that most of the information is taken from an international reservation system, some of them are displayed only in the respective language (eg. English). In order to be sure about the meaning of an information, please contact us via telephone or e-mail in order to get assistance from one of our consultants.

Conditions of Travel Service Suppliers

Any booking made on the Website will be considered as an intention of yours to gain a certain product. If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PlaniTour and this contract will become valid. Plane tickets issuing, detail changing on the plane tickets, cancellations, delivery of vouchers for hotels, rent-a-car, phone assistance and every other action that requires human intervention will be made only from Monday to Friday, between 9-18h, excepting bank holidays.

Some airlines can impose extra charges, like the transit-without-visa charge. PlaniTour is not responsible for extra charges due to transportation from one terminal to another.

The rates for accomodation returned on our Website are displayed in the formula total rate/service according to the search criteria you input (not per person, per day or per room/night). The rates include the service charge and it can include or not the local tax. Breakfast or other meals are not included unless mentioned. Certain hotels or tour-operators might add extra charges, that are to be paid on WebSite.

While you browse the Website, you can notice references that send you to certain conditions applicable to special offers. Please read carefully these conditions. If you have any problem in understanding the meaning of the text, please contact PlaniTour.

You are directly responsible for complying with the comditions imposed by the airlines in regard to boarding hours, flight reconfirmation or any other rule. Please note that the minimum boarding time recommended by the airlines, is 120 minutes for international flights and 90 minutes for domestic flights. Some airlines wish to reconfirm their flights at least 72 hours prior to the departure. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to the cancelling of your booking. The coupons of the plane ticket must be used in consecutive order. In case of non-observance of this rule, the aerial company reserves the right to cancel the respective ticket.

PlaniTour is not responsible of any delays or timetable alterations of the airline for which the ticket was issued, for the quality of the flight or for extra services related to the flight (baggage loss), obligations that come in the airline’s duty. In such situations, the passenger will adress directly to the carrier, which will offer compansations in compliance with international regulations.

Reservation and confirmation processes

  • The Buyer chooses one or several wished products, he indicates dates, destination of his choice, the number of participants according to their categories (adults, children, babies) and the class of reservation for the air flights(thefts) (economic or business). Once these indicated elements, the Buyer launches the search
  • PlaniTour displays the result of the search
  • PlaniTour presents the elements of the selected product and the Buyer refines the product (for example: by selecting the schedules of adapted flight)
  • PlaniTour presents the estimate of the order corresponding to the sale contract; the Buyer has to indicate watchfully and precision the address and phone number of the person benefiting of this service
  • Attention: the information will serve for the issue of the documents of journeys (plane ticket, voucher etc.), any error on the name, first name or the other essential information recovers from the only responsibility of the Buyer. The responsibility of PlaniTour could not be engaged on this foundation. In this stage the Buyer has to specify if there are particular remarks and he necessarily has to acquaint with terms of sale. The affixed click is worth electronic signature and acceptance of the terms of sale
  • SSL stage (secure page): the Buyer proceeds to the regulation(payment) of his command(order). The last click concretizes the definitive conclusion of the sale contract. This acceptance is made for the name and for all the participants in the journey
  • The order being an order by which the Buyer asks to the Organizer to execute the service this one is not worth definitive confirmation. He informs the Buyer that this one is registered well with the aim of the treatment. The file will be considered to reserve and confirm dices validation of the payment
  • By e-mail, PlaniTour sends an acknowledgement of receipt indicating that the reservation is in the course of treatment. This accused reception calls back the essential elements and the number of file. PLANITOUR will pass on to the Buyer the confirmation of order reminding the essential elements (the reserved service, the price the quantity, the date of journey, names of the beneficiary of the service(etc.). In the absence of such a document, the reservation will not have been taken into account. The order and the confirmation of order are considered as received when the parties to which they are sent can have access there
  • For confirmed hotel bookings, the Buyer has to offer to his clients the corresponding voucher. The voucher must contain:
    • Confirmation number
    • Client name
    • Adult number/children 2-12 years old/infants 0-12 years old
    • Hotel name
    • Quantity and room types
    • Board type (if included)
    • Check-in and check-out dates
    • UThe next text: "Reservation booked and payable by (name of the supplier − ex. GTA)"

The Buyer has to make sure of the good reception of the e-mail of confirmation and to consult regularly his electronic box. If the Buyer passes on erroneous address and phone number in one of the elements of his order, PlaniTour would not know how to see its involved responsability. Any lightness or negligence of the Buyer cannot be attributable to PlaniTour.

Plane tickets are subjected to technical acceptance of the service box office which can be in situation of unfeasible issue of tickets. In that case, PlaniTour makes a commitment to inform the customer about it within manufactured forty eight hours following the confirmation of recording of the order and as possible to propose a solution of air routing accompanied with new tariff conditions staying chargeable to the Buyer.


Cancellations of plane tickets

In compliance with the rate rules, refund is not possible neither in the case of amendment or cancellation. Refunds are not allowed in these situations. We cannot take any commitment or responsibility regarding amendments or cancellations.

Both for Regular and Low-cost flights the following modification/cancellations penalties apply:

  • Modification: 100% of the amount (taxes included).
  • Cancellation: 100% of the amount (taxes included).

Modifications of plane tickets

According to the airlines, tickets can be amended. Amendment fees will be borne by the passenger.

The amending charges may vary according to criteria set by each airline. The corresponding amount will be disclosed when you request a modification and when it was accepted by the airline operating the flight.

Cancellations and modifications for hotels

Cancellation terms apply for every hotel booking in particular and depend, amongst other factors, on the service type, service supplier, travel dates etc. The cancellation deadline (by this meaning the date until you can cancel the service chosen without paying penalty charges) will be supplied once with the confirmation of your booking. If you make the cancellation after the deadline or the client does not manage to show at the hotel, pick-up point etc. („no-show”), you will pay a penalty tax of minimum one night/day/product and up to 100% of the total amount of the booking, depending on the policies of the service suppliers.

The User is obliged to make sure that the bookings are cancelled via e-mail or online via Website according to the cancellation policy specified in the system at the moment of the booking. Any cancellation sent directly to the hotel will not be taken into consideration by PlaniTour and will incur cancellation charges that will be invoiced by PlaniTour.

Any cancellation or amendment request has to be made in written (via e-mail, preferrably online on the Website. We will not process any request made via telephone and the original booking status will remain unchanged and all the conditions initially accepted will be applied, including taxes or payment obligations. PlaniTour will try to confirm any such modification depending on the hotel availability, rates and conditions during the modification request.

If a hotel is fully booked (”OVERBOOKED”), the travel service supplier will offer an alternative accomodation offer for the clients. We will inform you immediately after receiving the nitoce from our travel service supplier and you will be free to accept or decline the booking in 24 hours. After this notice, we will not bear any responsibility towards you or your clients. In case you wish to book again a new hotel./room/service, different and at a higher rate, you will be responsible for the extra cost.


  • The system displays net, non-commisionable rates, unless you add your own mark-up
  • Prices are confirmed at the time of booking. The User will be invoices at the rate displayed in the system at the time of booking.
  • The rates displayed are strictly confidential.
  • Rates are net, non-commisionable and are valid only for the User.
  • PlaniTour reserves the right to modify rates in case of changes in the local tax policies. Such changed will alter both present and future bookings.
  • Check-in hour at the hotels is 14.00 local time and check-out time is 12.00 local time.
  • The service level offered by a hotel according to the category (stars number) may vary from one country to another. The rules for giving a hotel a certain number of stars are based on the laws applicable in the country where the hotel is found.

PlaniTour will offer the User all the information he posesses regarding maintenance or reparation PlaniTour is not responsible for such works and will not accept client complaints regarding works taking place in the hotel without previous notice from the hotel or the travel supplier.


PlaniTour will take into consideration only complaints made during the clients’ stay. In no solution has been found during the clients’ stay at the hotel, the User will send the complaint in written along with all the relevant document towards PlaniTour, who will forward this request to the travel service supplier.

Any complaint regarding the plane ticket that was bought will be made in written, in maximum 7 days from the date whe the reported event took place.

Complaints that are not made in written will not be taken into consideration.

PlaniTour will forward the respective complaint to the airline for which the ticked was issued and the solution given will be the one of the airline company, as the owner of the plane ticket.

PlaniTour will inform the User in written about the solution that the airline company has given to his complaint, in maximum 3 days from receiving the answer from the airline company.

In the situation where the User is not happy with the answer he received he will address directly to the airline that operated the flight.

The User will receive compensations directly from the airline in all the cases where the airline comes to this decision. PlaniTour is not obliged to intermediate such compensation actions.

Any complaint will be made by the user according to the present general conditions of sales for plane tickets.


There will not be accepted other payment modalities than the ones presented on the WebSite and we do not assume any liability doe the money sent by courier.

Depending on the terms and conditions imposed by hotels for bookings or travel suppliers for plane tickets, the payment of the booked service can be requested fully or partially and it will be made by credit card, cash deposition into our account or bank transfer into the PlaniTour account.

PlaniTour does not take any liability in issuing tickets, vouchers and other trip documents in case of non-payment for the services ordered, in any case, you are liable for the payment of the amounts afferent to the tourism services ordered.

The payment can be made with the main credit cards acknowledged and presented in detail on the WebSite (in the footnote). PlaniTour reserves its right to cash any additional taxes (or commissions) that may occur upon reservation with credit cards. In such case, you will be informed about the applicable commissions. PlaniTour reserves its right to transfer the costs generated by the charge back penalties. If your reservation is paid with the credit card of someone else, we reserve the right to ask for a written authorization from the respective person. If the issuer of your credit card asks it, PlaniTour or the Tourism Services Provider reserves the right to send the tickets, vouchers or other trip documents at your address declared upon the issuance of your credit card . Incorrect information about this address may reflect in the cancellation of the reservation, delay of the travel documents delivery and may determine an increase of the confirmed tariff. Please make sure your billing address details match those on your statement.

In addition, to minimize the effects of your credit card fraud, before issuing the travel documents, we reserve the right to conduct random checks, request proof of your address and a copy of your credit card and as well as a recent statement.

All the rates on the Website are displayed in EURO, unless another currency is specified. The invoicing is made by default in EURO, but we can also invoice in RON, upon request. In case of invoicing in RON (based on the User’s choice), the payment will be made at the BNR exchange rate from the booking date + 2 (TWO)% risc exchange rate commision. Therefore, the calculation of the payment for an invoice in RON will be the next one:


In case of invoicing in RON, the exact amount to pay will be brought tothe User’s knowledge. Also, the User will receive by e-mail a provorma invoice that will show the exact amount to pay.

Website Use

PlaniTour / PlaniTour SRL is not responsible for the inability of users to access or use the WebSite, nor for failures caused by deficiency of these skills. PlaniTour does not warrant that the WebSite may not be affected by viruses or other actions which may cause damage or other losses.

User Obligation

You agree to respect these obligations, including (without limitation):

  • financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account;
  • you are over 18 years and have legal capacity to initiate legal actions;
  • ensure the accuracy of data about you or your clients;
  • you don’t use Website for speculative purposes, false or fraudulent bookings;
  • Prohibition of transmission of political material, pornographic, racist or other materials that infringe the law;
  • The obligation not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, sell, display, license, or reproduce the WebSite content except for personal and non-commercial use of a single copy of the information contained on the WebSite;
  • The User (Travel Agency, Tour-operator) is fully responsible for the correct issuing of plane tickets, vouchers etc. according to the form filled in on the Website and with regards to the good and fair information given to the passenger on the conditions applicable to the plani ticket, hotel room or sold service;


You can subscribe to the newsletter PlaniTour, which will be sent to your e-mail address and will include news and special offers and other information.

WebSite Ban

PlaniTour reserves the right to prohibit access to the WebSite at any time without notice.

PlaniTour / PlaniTour SRL responsibility

PlaniTour is not responsible for indirect losses arising from these terms of this contract, from the faulty use of the WebSite or reserved travel services purchased on the WebSite. PlaniTour is responsible only for direct losses whose value will not exceed the total rate of tourist services purchased (except in cases of death or personal injury whose value is not limited).

PlaniTour cannot guarantee uninterrupted provision of the WebSite and may not be liable for losses of any kind incurred as a result of this, including unachieved profits.

PlaniTour acts exclusively as an INTERMEDIATE between the User and the Travel Service Supplier (tour-operator, hotel, airline, rent-a-car company etc.) . The airline is the owner of the issued ticket as well as the only responsible for carrying the service written on the ticket. PlaniTour will do all the necessary to solve amicably any complaint or request but, in case or not solving the request with the help of PlaniTour, PlaniTour is absolved of any responsibility and the User is obliged to adress directly to the Travel Service Supplier.

Links to Other WebSites

This WebSite may contain links to other external websites and operated by other involved parties.

PlaniTour has no control or association with these websites and does not assume any responsibility about the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Web sites of the involved parties.

The content of these external websites do not reflect the products, services or information provided by PlaniTour Any opinions on the content of the external websites will be redirected to administrators of the pages in question.

Force Majeure

PlaniTour is not responsible in case of appearing some events caused by force majeure. Major events include, but they are not limited, government intervention, war, kidnappings, fires, floods, accidents, storms, strikes, terrorist attacks etc. which may affect PlaniTour or its suppliers.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate on the Website is daily updated from the National Bank of Romania (BNR). However, it is mandatory that you check the exchange rate from the booking date. In case of invoices in RON, we will apply the BNR exchange rate from the respective day + 2% risc exchange rate comission. For any payment in a different currency, please contact us.

Website changes

PlaniTour can change the design or contents of the WebSite, including the availability of providers of tourist services, database, as well as other features of the WebSite.

Copyright and Trademark

Copyright, ownership and contents of the WebSite are reserved by PlaniTour/ PlaniTour SRL.The material contained on the WebSite is owned by PlaniTour/ PlaniTour SRL or its affiliates unless identified as belonging to third parties.

PlaniTour name as well as other trademarks, logos or graphics on this website are trademarks of PlaniTour or its affiliates. Other names of companies, products or services displayed on the WebSite may be trademarks of their respective owners. You have no right or license to use these trademarks.


Privacy Policy Terms of PlaniTour are provided in these Terms and Conditions

You agree to use your personal information by PlaniTour or its affiliates and other involved parties, in accordance with the terms and purposes set forth in the Privacy Policy of PlaniTour.

Security Policy

PlaniTour uses secure technology to protect your personal information and financial transactions. PlaniTour conforms to safety standards and procedures stipulated in the Security Policy of PlaniTour. Shopping online is not much new. If you choose to pay by credit card, your credit card details are encrypted during the transaction, causing an increased security. PlaniTour uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure to the purchase online via credit card, an enhanced security.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

PlaniTour reserves the right to modify or update these Terms and Conditions at any time regarding the use of this WebSite without notice to Users. The current version of the Terms and Conditions will be displayed on WebSite since the amendment enters into force. Continuing to use the Website after displaying these amendments will constitute your acceptance on such amendments.

Governing Law

Governing Law These Terms and Conditions are the contract between User and PlaniTour and are governed by the laws of Romania. In the event of litigation, the competent court is considered the Bucharest Law Court.